• The Housing Market, Company Valuations, & Low Interest Rates


    Could the decisions being made in the financial and housing markets be deja vu all over again? First, we get Zillow, Redfin, and eXp getting huge valuations on businesses that have made no discernable profit in their years of existence. For Zillow and Redfin, it's been over ten years since their founding.

  • Lessons Learned Along The Way


    In January, REAL Trends will be offering a video series entitled Lessons Learned Along the Way. Here's one lesson that I think is particularly important right now...

  • The State Of The iBuyer Footprint


    The landscape of real estate today looks increasingly diversified as new, tech-driven companies are entering the market and offering additional services to home sellers and buyers. Now, there are multiple real estate tech players—some similar, some distinct—offering something that generally hadn't been available in real estate before: a direct sale and simplified purchase.

  • It's The Season For "the One Thing" - Find Out The Secret To Finishing The Year Strong


    How can you finish the year strong and carry momentum into next year? We have found there is One Thing that most quickly produces transactions. If every sales associate in your company is doing it, revenue, market share, and profits soar. What is the One Thing?

  • 8 Ways To Manage Yourself During Stressful, Busy Times


    Workplace stress is a reality. But how leaders manage themselves in the middle of the storm is everything. These insights can help leaders—from CEOs to middle managers—successfully navigate the stressors of the modern work environment.

  • Building A Great Organization


    Finding the right people to lead your company is vital to helping your firm weather any market...

  • Want New Clients? Gather and Leverage The Right Data


    Thanks to online property searches, you can gather and use a lot of valuable information about prospective buyers — if you know where to look.

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